Duc DOP Terra Alta

Many years ago, spirits that loved solitude and the peace of nature settled in Terra Alta. They decided to forbid humans from coming to these lands to protect the region from destruction at the hand of man. Just a few chosen ones were permitted to set up home on these lands to grow the crops needed to feed the spirits: olives, grapes and almonds.

In the harsh Terra Alta, the children of those first settlers continue to be closely tied to the land, and by producing Duc each season they seal their pact with nature and the spirits that chose them.

Tasting notes

Duc DOP Terra Alta has an aroma that evokes tomato, banana and ripe fruit. In the mouth it is a rich, harmonious and balanced oil that skilfully combines bitter and spicy flavours, creating a pleasant sensation of fulfilment.

nota tast7 olivetes DOP: DOP Terra Alta
olivetes Olive variety: Empeltre and Arbequina
olivetes Acidity: < 0,4 %
olivetes Polyphenols: 200 ppm


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