OleAurum Verd DOP Les Garrigues

Tasting notes

OleAurum Verd DOP Les Garrigues has an intense and fruity aroma of the green olives used to produce it, with notes that are reminiscent of apple and artichoke.

The flavours of almond, tomato and artichoke stand out in the mouth, and it has an agreeably spicy aftertaste. Overall it is a complex oil that is harmonious and well-balanced, creating an intense sensation of fulfilment.

Both its flavour and aroma are unmistakeable and when tasted it leaves no one indifferent.

nota tast2 olivetes DOP: DOP Les Garrigues
olivetes Olive variety: Arbequina
olivetes Acidity: < 0,2 %
olivetes Polyphenols: 225 ppm


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OleAurum Range

bodego oleaurum off verd

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