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Very few have been called over the course of history to ignite the spark of revolutions which transform the world. These are the chosen few, who, like our vinegars, are ahead of their time, blazing new paths into the future. Could anyone imagine that a vinegar could manage to captivate with the same passion that a muse captivates a poet?

The key to Unió vinegars is the Schützenbach method, discovered by German scientist Johan Sebastian Schützenbach in 1823 which, thanks to our passion for vinegar, we have been able to perfect. No one but Unió produces vinegars using this revolutionary method, which is 10 times slower than standard vinegar production methods, and, as such, is able to capture and absorb the essence of the fine wine we use as our raw material. 

Our vinegars:

Modena Balsamic
Cabernet Sauvignon


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